Michael Scrimshaw BA (hons), P.G.C.E

Ropewalk Gallery Studio Artist


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The Big Man

The first concept of this ongoing projects first gallery appearance, as The Big Man, was at the Ropewalk Gallery in 2007

and later as the Bigger Man for the first quarter of City of Culture at The Ferens Gallery, Hull

Giant Sculpture The Bigger Man

The Flying Machine

Commissioned by the Ferens Art Gallery as a compliment to the exhibition Ten Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci of the Royal Collection.

Leonardo da Vinci Flying Machine

The Wallace Sargent Sculpture

Public sculpture to honour the memory of the famous astronomer.

Wallace Sargent progress head       Wallace Sargent sculpture

The Wintringham Lion

A reinterpretation of the schools logo to remember the Grammar school roots to the new academy.

Lion Sculpture unvieling


And finally the flying machine is being developed in the workshop following several commission inquiries.

Events are now in place for the production of a limited number of outdoor versions of these sculptures.

outdoor flying machine



the big man

the flying machine

the Wallace Sargent sculpture

Wintringham Lion




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